Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Weekend in Park City

This past weekend Devan and I had the opportunity to attend a marriage seminar in Park City put on and paid for by the National Guard. It was really nice. Friday we both took the day off work and just spent some time together before heading to Park City. We went and saw a movie and went to Pier 49 downtown for pizza because they have gluten-free pizza there. It was lots of fun. Then we headed out to Park City. We had two free nights at the Yarrow Hotel and meals were provided for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday and lunch on Saturday. We also got ice cream sundaes on Friday night. It was really good. During the day we attended the seminar and learned some good things about communication. We thought that we were just going for the free room, but we actually learned a lot about speaking and listening to each other better. We thought we were doing well before, but we were able to discuss some things that both of us were upset about and were finally able to understand each others point of view. They let us go in the afternoon and we were able to go have some fun. My favorite part was the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I love chocolate! It was also good to meet some of the guys that Devan was deployed with. I found out that Devan is known as "the happiest guy on earth" and "the ever nice guy". They said he was always smiling, even over in Iraq.


Melanie said...

Wow, sounds awesome! My husband isn't in the military, but he does work at Dugway, does that count?

Emily McKenzie said...

Hey I was in Park City this weekend too! Well only part of saturday. I am not surprised at all that Devan was his chipper self even in Iraq. I don't know how he does it.