Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

This past weekend was conference and I absolutely loved it! The talks were great, the weather was great, and Devan didn't have drill so I got to spend it with him! Sunday afternoon I was at my parent's house and I brought my camera because my little brother Ferrin needed a new picture. The most recent photo we had of him was when he was like 12. He's almost 16 now so he's changed quite a bit. Anyway, I took a couple pictures of Nolan as well because he's so cute and I thought this one was the best. He looks like he's ready to hook up the trailer. :)

Here are a couple of the pictures I took of Ferrin. I think they turned out pretty well.

The only problem was I fell and scraped my leg after I took the pictures. It looks pretty disgusting, but its really not that bad. It was definitely worth it.


Anonymous said...

:) I totally recognize that trailer! :) Great pictures by the way! Love it!

Emily McKenzie said...

Hey nice photos! And that's gross.

Necia and Joe Shumway said...

oh ouch!!!!