Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend in Colorado

This past weekend Devan and I were able to fly out to Denver to visit his sister Jalayne, her husband Doug and their cute litte daughter Hailey.  We had so much fun! 

We got to visit Hammond's Candies -it was fun to be able to watch them make the candy and then we spent way too much in the store.  But it sure was delicious!  Here's some pictures (those of you who read Doug & Jalayne's blog may see some of the same pictures -sorry!).

We also went to see the Denver Botanic Gardens.  I thought it was awesome!  They had so many different types of gardens -my favorite was the Japanese garden because it's just so peaceful.  It was perfect weather to walk around the gardens too.  We also ended up with a good picture of Devan and me and it's going to be our new family picture.  I'm not going to post it right now because I don't have the edited file (there were some people in the background) on this computer so I'll have to post it later.  Anyway, here's some pictures:

What we like to call a "firework flower".

What a cute little family!

Isn't he cute!  The background looks nice too. :)

Now he's just being a dork. lol


We also found out that Denver has a ton of gluten free restaurants, bakeries, grocery stores with GF food, etc...  We went to this Italian restaurant called Abrusci's and they had almost everything gluten free.  I ordered Baked Ravioli (GF), Devan ordered Linguini with Roasted Tomatoes (GF so he could share with me) and Jalayne ordered Chicken Parmesan (also GF).  They were all delicious!  I also ordered some GF bread for a starter that came out with the regular complimentary bread.  It was delicious!

On Monday before flying home we went to a family BBQ for Memorial Day and we played Mad Gab. :)  I love that game!  My team won of course. :)

Anyway, we had tons of fun!  Thanks Doug, Jalayne, and Hailey for letting us come visit!

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The Oomrigars said...

cute pictures! sounds like you had a fun time! and Im glad they had lots of yummy GF food, thats awesome!