Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our First Christmas Tree

Last night we decorated our very first Christmas tree together. The tree was given to us by some friends of my grandparents so we were excited to get a real tree for free. Devan really likes the smell. Here's some pictures of the decorating.

We accidentally broke an ornament before we were even done decorating. One of the ornaments near the top of the tree fell off and hit this one that was near the bottom and it shattered. Sad!

And here is the finished tree. I'm not very good at decorating or designing things so its not very fancy, but it works for us. Devan really likes it. :) And we had lots of fun decorating it together! I love Christmas!


Melanie said...

Yay, I love Christmas. I've always been a fan of the trees that don't look professionally done. It looks great.

Emily McKenzie said...

Nice tree! I like it! Very festive.

The Mackays said...

What a cute tree ;p