Thursday, May 21, 2009

Super Busy!

A lot has happened since our Anniversary and I've been terrible at posting. In April, both my brother and my sister came home from their missions so we went on a family vacation at the end of the month. It was fun. First we went up to Park City and stayed in these really nice condos for $25 each! The All Seasons Resort Lodging is great, they have this deal for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Since my dad and husband have been deployed to Iraq we were able to both get a two-bedroom condo with a kitchen and everything for just the $25 cleaning fee. We just hung out at the condos, watching movies and relaxing in the hot tub. The next day we went shopping at the Outlet Stores. Then later that day we headed down to Price and stayed in a motel there (not near as nice as the one in Park City, but it was decent). We spent the whole next day exploring Nine Mile Canyon and seeing the petroglyphs there. It was really cool! I'll have to post pictures of it later. That night we went home and slept in our own beds. The next day we were going to go hiking up by Logan, but it was raining all day so we just went to the church and played games. It was a great family vacation and a good time for Devan to get to know my brother and sister more since Daniel left on his mission less than a week after we got married and then Devan left for Iraq soon after that. Laura left for her mission while Devan was gone so he wasn't able to get to know either one of them before.
The week after our family vacation I went to Florida for work. We were having a convention there. The hotel we stayed at was really nice. It was 4.5 acres inside. My room had an inside balcony and the view was beautiful, it looked like I was looking outside. I didn't get to enjoy much of the room or Florida though because I worked 31 hours of overtime that week! It was exhausting! We were working from 7 am until 10 or 11 pm pretty much every day we were there. My feet were super swollen by the time I got back home, but the paycheck was really nice!
As soon as I got back from convention, I had to start working on a slide show video that I was making for Laura and Daniel of their missions because their homecoming was the next Sunday. I also got called as the Young Women Camp Director in my ward and I took Vanessa and Yahosh's engagement pictures. And we got pre-approved for a loan so we can start looking for a house. And we just got a gym membership at 24 hour fitness so we can get back in shape. Basically, life has been super busy lately, but its all been good stuff! We're loving it!


jjertmann said...

Woohoo 24 hour fitness! I'm going to be getting a membership there soon. After the baby. We'll have to go to some classes together. They're classes are awesome.

Emily McKenzie said...

I'm totally joining you two at 24Hour when I move home in December! THEIR classes are awesome! You went to Florida?! What part? I do admit I miss Florida sometimes.