Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Photography by Treasa

Well, I've been enjoying photography for a little while now and I finally decided to start a business with it. I have created a website which you should all go check out http://www.photographybytreasa.com/. The pricing isn't on there yet because I still haven't worked all the kinks out of that but its coming. I'm pretty excited to get started! So if anybody wants some pictures, let me know! :)

Here's some photos of my beautiful cousin as a bride. (The wedding pictures will be coming later, I haven't finished all the editing yet).


wawa joy said...

Very Very pretty. The colors are gorgeous and your cousin is beautiful. Good job on such lovely photos! I like the engagements also.

Nick and Kim said...

I've been waiting forever to see the rest of your pictures from the wedding and the ones from Rushel's (okay, that's only been like a week but still). I hope you get them up soon. The suspense is killing me. :)