Thursday, October 8, 2009

Governor's Day

For those of you who may know when Governor's Day is, you'll know I'm posting this kind of late (it was September 19th), but hey, later is better than never. Anyway, on Governor's Day all the soldiers in the Utah National Guard (both Army and Air Force) march for the Governor and he inspects the troops. They have all sorts of booths set up selling food and they had some rock-climbing and bull-riding (not real bulls of course) available free of charge. They also bring in some helicopters, howitzers, humvees, etc... for people to see and take pictures in front of. It is always pretty fun and afterwards we go out to lunch with the fam. Devan, two of his brothers, and his dad are all in the guard, so that makes it pretty fun. Here's some pictures of the fun day:

The family posing in front of a howitzer. You may think it looks like a tank, but really, it is much cooler than a tank. A tank doesn't shoot very far but a howitzer can blow something up that is 20 miles away. Pretty cool. That's what Devan does, he's in artillery.

Devan, his dad, his brother Nick, and his brother Rusty posing on top of the howitzer.

I couldn't get a picture of the whole field full of soldiers, but here's half of it. It kind of gives you an idea how many were there.
This is a picture of Devan. You can't see him very well, but if you click on the picture and look up close, I have outlined his face with a red circle.

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