Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Saturday we got a big group together and went paintballing in Morgan, Utah. We had 15 of us there: Mom, me, Devan, Laura, Daniel, Jamie, Ferrin, Jessica, my cousin Brock, two of Daniel's roommates, Marc (a friend from my work), and three of Devan's brothers. We went for Daniel's birthday. For those of you who know that Daniel's birthday is in February you may be wondering why we did this in May. We did celebrate Daniel's birthday on time but Devan and I wanted to take him paintballing for his birthday present and it didn't happen til now. It would have been a little cold to do it outside in February.

Anyway, we had a blast! It was an outdoor course and there was another group there so they mixed us up and split us into two teams. We played quite a few games and some of us ended up with some pretty nasty welts. Most of us didn't get any but Laura, who was only there for 30 minutes (the rest of us were there for 2 hours) got 3 welts!

I'll just tell one quick story that I remember from our paintballing. The last game we played was a form of Capture the Flag. Both teams started off at different forts and there was another fort in the middle with a flag in it. The object was to get to the tower, grab the flag and bring the flag to the opposing team's fort within 15 minutes. If you get shot then you're out so you have to be careful. I was at the top of my team's fort so I had a good view of pretty much everything. The other team was winning -they were able to shoot quite a few of our guys and they were getting closer to the fort with the flag. I was able to shoot some of the opposing team's guys from my tower but our men were dying quickly. We probably had about 4 guys left on our team when I ran out of ammo. We still had about 5 minutes left before the time was up and I was the only one in the tower so I just kept shooting my gun anyway hoping that the noise would hold them off for a while. Well, one of the guys on the other team was able to get to the flag and he was making his way closer to our fort/tower. I kept shooting but when there was about 5 seconds left he made a break for our fort and reached it at the last possible second and we lost. :( Afterwards people were asking how I could have possibly missed when he was coming straight for me. lol

Anyway, like I said, it was a lot of fun and I definitely wouldn't mind going again. :)

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