Tuesday, October 28, 2008


On the 25th we had a Halloween activity at the church for primary. Here are some pictures of the kids in our sunbeam class. Aren't they cute?

The first picture is of Ethan with his brother and sister. Ethan is in the middle. He is quite the handful, but he is very smart and cute. He just doesn't like to sit still as you can probably tell from the picture. The next one is Aubree. She is very sweet and almost always reverent. She knows our names and listens when we talk. The third picture is Rylee. She is super smart and can be very reverent, but can also be a handful at times. She knows a lot and likes to let her teachers know that. She thinks Devan is really weird and is always giving him a look that says, "What are you?". It's pretty funny. Here's a picture of her look. You can see it better when its zoomed in but I'm at work right now so I can't really edit my pictures.

Later that night we hung out with Bonnie and Marc (some friends from work) at Marc's house. We helped Marc make some delicious pumpkin stew and we played on his Wii and watched a movie. It was loads of fun. Here are some pictures of Devan and Marc cooking. Don't they make great chefs?

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