Thursday, October 9, 2008

Our Car Died!!! :(

Devan and I had just decided that we needed a new car and we started looking around. We were excited to be able to have two cars so that Devan wouldn't have to ride the bus all winter long. Then, this past weekend while Devan was heading to Spanish Fork for his guard drill, the car broke down. His parents brought one of their cars for him to use and then they came back later to tow our car to the shop. By that time the back window had been busted out somehow. Anyway, they took it to the shop and Jeff, the mechanic, checked it out. He said it looked pretty sick. The radiator was gushing, among other things. It doesn't even start. He said it would probably take about $800-$1000 to fix. The car is definitely not worth that much so we decided to donate it to the Kidney Foundation and now we definitely need to find a new car. The one that we were looking at before was really nice, but it turns out we weren't approved for the loan because we don't have enough credit references even though our credit score is dang good. So we went into our credit union to get pre-approved for another car that we were looking at. The credit union said it would be no problem so we went to the dealership this morning. It turns out they just sold the car. Fortunately they were able to find a couple more Malibu Maxx's for us to look at. Hopefully we'll be able to get one this weekend or early next week because right now we are borrowing my parents car. Anyway, thats whats going on right now. It's been crazy!

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Emily McKenzie said...

Boo!!! I hate car shopping! I just had to do that a few weeks ago. From a consumer law point of view your best bet is to get financed through a credit union or bank over the dealer...they tend to charge outrageous interest. I am not an attorney and am not giving you legal advice, merely consumer advice. :D That should save me from being disbarred before even being on the bar.