Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So lately we've had a lot of things going on that hurt us financially like the car and the doctors with no insurance. And on top of that, we usually get quite a bit of money from the GI Bill each month so Devan can work part-time and still afford to live while going to school but because the semester ended towards the beginning of December, he wasn't going to school the whole month so we only got a small portion of the money in January. That was a really bad time for that to happen because of all the other things going on. But we've been trying to live more frugally. The thought had crossed my mind to wait and pay tithing next month when we'll have more money, but I quickly tossed that thought aside and paid it anyway. A few days later, we got the rest of the money from the GI Bill because he had registered for the next semester. Now we can afford to pay rent on time. :) I love the Lord and the blessings He gives us!


Julie And Adam said...

It's amazing how tithing works!!

Stephanie said...

that's great! Way to be faithful! It's remarkable that though the Lord has created "worlds without number," he takes special care of each of us, like there's only one of us.