Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sometimes the Lord Blesses Us in Our Stupidity

Today I woke up, took Devan to school, came home and got ready for work, then I drove to work. I was at work for about an hour (it was about 10:30) when I looked at the calendar and realized what day it was. I was supposed to have jury duty this morning at 8:30! I had already asked for the day off and everything, I am just a total airhead. So I talked to my supervisor and told him I was leaving cause I was supposed to be at jury duty. He looked at his calendar and saw that I did have the day off, and then he laughed and said, "You're gonna get arrested!" I was thinking the same thing. I was in tears as I walked out of the building. I called my mom and she calmed me down a bit. We decided I would probably have to reschedule and pay a fine or something. I hurried home to get the address and phone number and I called the court as soon as I could and guess what? They had cancelled it! That was a huge relief!! I talked to my mom afterwards and she said, "Sometimes the Lord blesses us in our stupidity". I thought that was pretty funny, but its so true and I am very grateful.

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Julie And Adam said...

Oh boy... The luck just keeps coming your way doesn't it?! I'm so sorry!!!