Thursday, January 15, 2009


Ok. So it's been a while since I posted. The insurance did end up paying for our repairs minus our $500 deductible. We got our car back about a week and a half after putting it in the shop. and then the next week I got this infection that had to be cut open and drained so I went to the doctors on December 30th and got that done. Little did I know, we didn't have insurance. We thought Devan's military insurance was good until the 31st and we were going to renew it, but we hadn't gotten around to it yet. Turns out it actually ended on the 27th. We had to pay for the whole thing ourselves. So things have been a little tough. but at least we still both have our jobs. We'd be in huge trouble if either of us got laid off. Anyway, the new year has been good so far. I got to take pictures for my cousin's QuinceƱera and I think they turned out pretty well. It was a lot of fun. I'll have to post some of the pictures when I'm at home. Devan has started school again. It was nice to have the winter break so we had more time to spend together, but it is nice to have him working on school again and its kind of fun to be able to help him with his math. I've always been good at math, but I never enjoyed doing it. Now I've found out its much more pleasant if I'm helping someone else do it. I just didn't like doing it for my own homework. Anyway, that's my life right now.


Julie And Adam said...

Things just keep piling on don't they?! Geez!!! I'm sorry guys! I'm glad things are working out though.

Kait said...

Yes...I do a little stocking from time to time and I was looking at your blog. I must admit that I HATE cars as well they are such a bummer! And I hope your infection is doing better.